SAIL Facilities

SAIL is part of Center for Space and Atmospheric Research (CSAR) and is located within the Physical Sciences Department that is housed in a brand new building (inaugurated Jan 2014) of the College of Arts and Sciences. The department has a total of usable 56,000 square feet of teaching and research labs within the building.

SAIL is card-access controlled where export controlled (ITAR) and restricted research and development can be conducted. SAIL has 1400 square feet of space, separated in two rooms of 900 sq ft and 500 sq ft.

The larger 900 sq ft room has spectacular views of the Daytona Beach Airport runway and is divided into three sections. One section has 5 desks and workstations for students, as well as a conference table setup with a projector and camera for internet based conferences. The second section has mechanical hardware building capability with metal lathe, drill press, hardtop benches for assembly, a spin table, etc. And finally, a third section is an ESD safe zone with two electronics workbenches for doing SMT assembly and testing.

The smaller 500 sq ft room associated with SAIL houses a new plasma chamber (commissioned Fall 2014). The cylindrical chamber is 2 meters long and 1 meter in diameter with a base pressure of 10-7 torr. It can generate a maximum plasma density of 109/cm3 and maximum electron temperature of 5 eV. For now the chamber is used for characterization of plasma diagnostic instruments that are flown on rockets and satellites.